Bird Dog Training with Ron Olmstead founder of the Double Barrel Ranch

At the Double Barrel Ranch we feel that it is important to train the bird dog and the owner at the same time. We believe that you and your bird dog are forming a lifelong relationship. When you and your bird dog train together you are developing a bond and partnership that will grow. We train our bird dogs to be the perfect hunting companion and to become a member of the family. For most owners a bird Dog is not a “tool” just to be brought out during the hunting season. A bird Dog should be a companion for both the hunter and his home.

$120.00 Per Session

How it works. We do not have kennels and we do not board dogs. We work with the dog and the owner at the same time, this is a one on one program and by appointment only.  We make 3 bird contacts per training session.  With pointing dogs we work on the point, styling the point, holding the point and steady to the bird flushing.  We use remote bird launchers so we get a quality flush at just the right time.  This also works for flushing dogs, after all dog training is all about timing.

We also introduce the gun if that has not already been accomplished.  The gun is introduced while the bird is flushing with this method the dog makes the connection with the bird and the gun as a positive. Please do not take your young dog to the gun range for gun introduction, this is a good way to get a gun shy dog.

We train the dog for covering ground or quartering, heel and to come when called and of course to retrieve.  We will e-collar train if necessary. Our training method is owner involved, we are training both the dog and the owner to be a hunting team.a